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I got personally insulted by Jack Thompson on GamePolitics. Bleedin' seriously.

2007-07-27 09:10:43 by Keaton2008

Think you've had enough of Jack Thompson for one lifetime. If so, might as well head back to the main page and go blam some ClockCrew movies or something.

Okay, here's how it went down.

If anyone has been following the site's postings, JT recently ranted about GamePolitics, a blog that keeps up with the latest in game-related political issues (for those who don't know), to a website called PopZart. GP's editor, Dennis, typed up a 4-part feature to defend himself and prove that JT is a lying fuck and stuff. (that's how I put it) At the end of part 4, he quotes U.S. District Judge Paul Huck, who dismissed one of Jack's suits against the Florida Bar, the firm he works for, back in December 2006.

Jack currently has the Florida Bar trying to put disiplinary charges on him for various past incidents in front of the Florida Supreme Court. One of Thompson's new dirty tricks is bringing up the fact the GP quoted this judge and he filed a motion to ask Paul Hucks to leave the case, saying that his quote more-or-less 'hurt his image' or some shit like that.

Now this motion he penned was written in third-person, which is customary during a legal pleading. I, however, did not know this. Why would I? I'm a gamer, not a laywer. I watch X-Play, not fuckin' C-Span, dammit!

So my responce to this fact: (which was also the first one)
Keaton2008 Says:

July 26th, 2007 at 8:50 am
Is Jack speaking in 3rd person or is it just me? o_O


Okay, fast forward to last night when I'm on third-shift. Nothing to do, since half the machines are either dead or running. I get online for a minute to see if anyone responded to my little *certain Carlos Mencia catchphrase* post. Indeed people did. I use the CTRL+F feature to see if my name pops up. Then there it is:


July 26th, 2007 at 3:31 pm
Dear Keaton:

You speak in the third person in a legal pleading, you knucklehead.

Okay. I'm annyoed, and once again, confused. At first I didn't think this was jackie, who is known to bless the site with his so-called logic, but just some prick trying to be cute. I didn't notice till later a copy of his letter that above that post taken up half of the freaking internets. So read the otehr comments posted, then posted mine to Jackie. I doubt he ever reads the posts after his; he's like the guy who drives by you on the way home and yells 'faggot!' and keeps on going never to hear your responce. Nevertheless:

Keaton2008 Says:

July 26th, 2007 at 10:33 pm
@everyone who replied to what I said about the '3rd person' bit.

I see. Thanks for clearing that up; it was confusing me. I don't know alot about law and stuff like this.

@Jack Thompson

Okay, admittingly i'm not particulary smart and don't think alot of things out. The 3rd person bit was confusing me and I thank the nicer people who posted in correcting my mistake. Not everyone can be as 'fluent' in law as you are, Jackie. And you're really in no position to be talking smack to gamers right now. Should you be out right now trying to protect your ass right now, and not talking smack to a gamer who knows almost nothing about law and this kind of stuff?

Yeah, when its 10:33 at night and your at work, you're not really going to care that much about grammar. But the annoyance shows. So then another guy posts:

GoodRobotUs Says:

July 26th, 2007 at 10:44 pm
Don't worry too much about it Keaton, I think it's funny he thinks he can call people things like knucklehead and then complain because of percieved 'hurtful' remarks from a Judge. Sounds to me like Jack only considers things 'hurtful' if they happen to him.

Oddly enough, a lack of empathy is a symptom of instability.

After lunch I post:

Keaton2008 Says:

July 27th, 2007 at 3:27 am

Heh, i'm not too upset at the comments of Jackie Boy. I actually now feel honored to be insulted by the most hated man in video game culture. Sure, I wasn't really that happy to be called a knucklehead by Jack Thompson based on my clueless knowledge of law, but whatver. I can now brag that I was personally smack-talked by him to my freinds.

Maybe he just need to meet his gamer-bash quota for the week.

Thanks for your support, Robot.

I'm not angry really. Jack is Jack. he's the bad case of herpes gamers got after a night of Hot Coffee. But for the rest of the night I wondered if Dennis would take note of this incident, being that jack just insulted a gamer after posting some long-ass letter of large-ass terms. I doubt it. But i'm still humored that Jack actually took the moment to insult me, a gamer that not alot of people know, just prove that he knows more about law than me. Peh, kinda childish actually. Guess he need to prove he has some brain cells of knowledge left. I don't care what he said, since he says to all gamers in general.

I'm out. *fweeeeeeee....*

The GamePolitics article of muffinman doomage.

I got personally insulted by Jack Thompson on GamePolitics. Bleedin' seriously.


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2007-08-10 22:56:35

Oh, silly little Keaton. Not knowing about all of that legal jargon and such doesn't really matter. Feel proud, in fact, that you don't watch enough of those crime television shows to learn about law.

Another thing. Shouldn't Mr. Thompson be doing something more important than Googling his name and writing mildly annoying posts? And if he doesn't, then couldn't he at least call you something better than "knucklehead"? I know I always put forth more effort when insulting you.



2007-08-18 09:56:21

that jackass? I saw him at E3, 2003. I didn't know he was going to be lauching a war against games at the time, but I did notice he was the only guy there with a drab grey suit and writing notes down on a clip board.

Should've thrown my banana peel at him.