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You Broke the Internet: a 92 Day Flash Experiment

2007-07-18 11:44:03 by Keaton2008

First off, this new layout is pretty killer. Cheers.

and now for some viral advertising.

You Broke the Internet: A 92 Day Flash Experiment

What is it? It's my actual (sometimes, half-assed) attempt to make Flash. My other attempts died from lack of inspiration and attention span. This one Includes a short Flash scene everyday for 92 days. Some are good and acceptible others are bad and rather pathetic. Sometimes I have all day to make a flash, sometimes only four hours.(I work 3rd shift).

What to expect? Talking toasters, random explosions, rinos, zombies, sticks, video game characters, parodies, romance, pigs, and lot s and lots of stupidity.

I've wasted my summer.

Will come with author notes and bonus scenes.

Theres a teaser screen at on this post as well.

Expect it out around September.

See you then!

You Broke the Internet: a 92 Day Flash Experiment


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2007-08-10 22:59:00

Do you need to talk to Puppet Doctor Phil?